This class is a series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. It is performed in a precise order, in a heated room to about 105 degrees with 40% humidity. This class systematically works the entire body, focusing on every bone, organ, muscle, joint, ligament, tendon, blood vessel, nerve and gland. It incorporates strength, balance and flexibility. This is a detoxifying practice that will leave you exhilarated and refreshed. Please note that this is a very disciplined practice.


Bring water, mat, towel (we rent and sell all) and a change of clothes for after class. We have fully stocked showers for your convenience. Have an open mind and do the best you can. Come in, sweat and change your life one drop of sweat at a time, it's our specialty!





HOT 60

Welcome to Hot 60. This class is a great introductory class or introduction to the Bikram Yoga Method. This class is 60 minutes; we utilize the same sequence of postures and the same breathing exercises as we do in the 90 minute class, however, we add a juicy spin: fun tunes. It’s a great opportunity if you feel a little bit nervous about your first Bikram class. Come check this class out; give it a try!






You’ll often hear people coming out of this class saying, “This is my favorite class on the schedule,” “That was so fun,” “I did something new today,” “That was amazing.” This class is simply playful and fun, while building strength and flexibility. This class encourages grace and intention while focusing on safety within the poses. The teachers will offer modifications and advancement options, making this class accessible and challenging for all levels of experience. If you’re a beginning yogi or a seasoned practitioner and you’re looking for a powerful, playful flow, our Vinyasa Power class is for you. Come in. Sweat. Enjoy the music and the playful vibe.





If you are looking for the most fun workout you have ever had, you have found the right class! This class is a rockin' good time for all age levels and all fitness levels. This class will give you exactly what you’re looking for; not only is it the most fun you’ll ever have working out, but it’s the best workout you’ll probably ever have in one hour. We use pilates principles, mindfulness and breath awareness. We heat this class to about 95-100 degrees. Hot pilates is a challenging full body workout with rockin' beats. We use the pilates principles of tabata, adding high intensity interval training. This class is low impact, it will strengthen your whole body and is safe and supportive for all levels, beginner to advanced. Within a few classes you will notice the benefits of weight loss, improved muscle strength, as well as definition. You will see the results you have been working so hard for; your goals are our goals, and we want to see you achieve them.





This class emphasizes abs, cardio AND weightlifting! LIIFTED is a circuit training class that will ROCK your socks. It will get you hot and sweaty; it will have you leaving class feeling accomplished and excited for the next class! Rockin' tunes, high intensity work outs and radical results. Keep an eye out for pop ups!






Also known as warm and dreamy... This class is our most mellow class on the schedule. This class has smooth beats and is a calm and inviting practice. It is good for every level and is the perfect compliment to all of your high impact workouts/ other physically demanding sports and activities. In this class you will be able to go deeply into postures using calm, mindful breathing. This dreamy class gives you a peaceful place to connect to your body and stretch over used muscles, to stay present and to leave feeling completely relaxed. Bring your favorite pillow, bolster and a warm beverage if you like. You might want to wear your pajamas for this one!





Juice Box Yoga is Kids Yoga! This playful introduction to yoga will have your child learning in a noncompetitive environment, in a warm room for safe stretching of a growing body. This class is designed to be fun, but your kids will learn so much they will be teaching you yoga for days to come!